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At Wyandot, sustainability isn't just about the environment, it's so much more. It involves our teammates, our customers (their end consumers), and our community. Our sustainability efforts include health and wellness, education, quality products, and sharing the wealth so that people can prosper.  At Wyandot, our teammates do their best to do the right thing!



Environment - At Wyandot, we believe it is important to become better stewards of the planet. That is why we support several initiatives with a focus on becoming a more environmentally friendly company.

At Wyandot: 

  • We practice oil management strategies to reduce the amount of cooking oils we discard.
  • We operate a system that utilizes waste oven heat to pre-heat our cooking oils, thus reducing our natural gas usage in the plant by 20%.
  • We use motion sensor lighting in our warehouses thus reducing electrical usage by over 40%.
  • We recycle over 50% of our waste stream:
    • Food scrap from manufacturing lines is recycled into animal feeds.
    • We also recycle our scrap metals, plastics, corrugated boxes, unusable pallets, and office paper.
  • We use a system to remove solids from our waste water to lessen the strain on the local water treatment facility.
  • We are moving closer to electronic based records, reducing our dependence on paper.



Raw Materials — We source many of our raw materials locally, to reduce the amount of fuel required to ship them to our facility. Additionally, we work very closely with all of our raw material suppliers to ensure that they meet our exacting standards for quality, food safety, and sustainability.

Better-for-You — Our products must be safe, nutritional, and great tasting to succeed on the shelf. In recent years, much of Wyandot's success has been due to the growth of our "Better for You" products, many of which rely on ingredients that are grown using sustainable agricultural methods. Providing healthier alternatives has been a significant focus in recent years. And as we've fulfilled this demand, we've created an even more vital Wyandot.



Paying It Forward — From our humble beginnings Wyandot has always believed in paying it forward. Wyandot's Charity Fund Committee was formed to support fellow teammates dealing with health issues, a death in the family or child birth. Every year, the leftover funds are used to give back to the local community. Additionally, Wyandot teammates are involved in many local charities. Whether it is a fundraiser for a local church, giving snacks to a food pantry, or coaching a little league team, our teammates take great pride in giving back.

Education / Continuous Improvement — We believe that lifelong learning is a key factor of our success. Continuing education makes us better and prepares us for the future. Our continuous improvement initiative has elevated "our game" and made us more successful as an organization. Whether Education or Continuous Improvement, we all win: Wyandot, our customers and the end consumers.

Health and Wellness - Wyandot cares about the health of our teammates and their families. We see a direct relationship between good health and a productive member of society. Wyandot works hard to provide a safe and healthy work environment. We offer a comprehensive health care insurance plan which includes health coaching that is focused on smoking cessation, weight control, nutrition, and support for chronic illnesses - all designed to help keep us at our best no matter what stage of life.



We are family— Wyandot has always recognized the vital importance of everyone in the organization; no matter what the task, we all work together and realize that each link is as important as the next. We work hard for the common goal of consistently providing safe, great tasting, high quality foods. This common goal provides us the best opportunity to continue our mission and to be successful.

Share in the success — All of our teammates benefit when the company does well through our "Performance-for-Profits" profit sharing plan, which has been in place since the early nineties.

Giving back to the community— Wyandot has always believed in giving back and helping those less fortunate. Our Corporate Donations Committee manages contributions made to the local community. Many of the local charities we help become stronger as a result of our assistance. These community partnerships can literally change people's lives.