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At Wyandot, sustainability means supporting our teammates, our community and our environment. We believe that a ‘better way to snack’ can also foster a better way to live. Preparation and commitment today promise a bright and prosperous tomorrow.



Our People

Education & Personal Growth — Lifelong learning is a key factor for the success of everyone at Wyandot. Continuing education prepares our teammates for the future and keeps engagement high. We offer a tuition reimbursement for anyone seeking an Associates, Bachelors or Masters degree. We actively seek external programs that focus on development and leadership skills. We also solicit ideas internally to ensure our continued support of each individual, as well as sustaining and executing corporate growth initiatives.

Health and Wellness – Healthy habits are at the core of wellness within our community. We also see the direct relationship between good health and being a productive member of society. Wyandot endeavors to provide a safe and healthy work environment, offering programs and coaching on smoking cessation, weight control, nutrition, and support for chronic illnesses.

Support — Wyandot's Charity Fund Committee supports fellow teammates in their times of need. Our team members voluntarily contribute a portion of their paychecks to a community fund and Wyandot matches fundraising efforts for any employee who needs support. Every year, any excess money left in the account is used to give back to a local community charity.



Our Community

We Are Family - Wyandot is known as one of the best places to work in Marion. Many of our employees have been employed with the company, 10, 20, even 40 years and we are proud to say that we have second and third generation family members at our facility. Not unexpectedly, our employees play a key role in the Company’s recruiting efforts.

Better-for-You - Many of the products and brands we support represent better-for-you snacking alternatives. Better-for-you brands are designed to deliver higher nutritional value versus traditional salty snacks by incorporating healthier alternatives to standard ingredients. Better-for-you brands are typically socially conscious, engaging in community outreach and supporting key social causes. We specifically align with brands that have the same values as we do.

Giving Back - It is our responsibility to support our local community. We donate snacks and funds to many local organizations, including:


Additionally, in 2018 Wyandot reaffirmed its 80-plus year commitment to Marion and north-central Ohio by pledging $100,000 to support HARDING 2020. The funds are dedicated to restoring the original home of President Warren G. Harding, a long-time Marion resident elected as the nation’s 29th President in 1920, as well as constructing a new Presidential Center and seeding an endowment for future site operations. This project is expected to stimulate significant educational, economic, tourism investments in and around Marion.




Our Environment

Our customers in the fast-growing better-for-you snack industry appreciate that as tastes evolve and new products emerge, Wyandot helps them identify trends and stay ahead of the consumer growth curve. They also recognize that we will remain good stewards of the environment.

Rob Sarlls, Wyandot CEO


Wyandot initiatives enhance conservation and minimize environmental impact. Our goal is to create zero waste. Renewably-sourced energy, substantial materials recycling, and conservation of used oils top the list of resource conservation that makes Wyandot a sustainability leader in the food manufacturing sector. We have also reduced our carbon footprint significantly over the last two years by implement a new business plan that reflects our commitment to growth and sustainability.


Commitment to Food Waste Reduction

  • We have reduced food waste by almost 200,000 pounds in the past two years.
  • Over 4,000,000 pounds of waste is diverted into animal feed annually.


Commitment to Renewable Energy and Energy Reduction

  • Since May 2018, Wyandot derives100% of its company-wide electricity needs, from wind-driven renewable resources
  • We convert 280,000 pounds of used oil into Biofuels each year
  • Our employees engage in energy saving practices such as shutting off their lights, monitors, and equipment when not in use
  • New LED lights installed in 2017 save more that one million kilowatt hours annually
  • We operate a system that utilizes waste oven heat to pre-heat our cooking oils, thus reducing natural gas usage in the plant by 20%.


Commitment to Green House Gas Reduction and Recycling

  • We increased recycling plant wide by almost 10% in 2018
  • We recycle more than 600,000 pounds of materials annually to our local facility
  • We convert 570,000 gallons of waste-water containing oils into fertilizer each year


Sustainability enhances our ability to implement operational improvements, facilitate investment in new plants, equipment and technology, and expand manufacturing capacity. Most important, they help create new jobs.

Rob Sarlls, Wyandot CEO


Our Suppliers

We source many of our raw materials locally, reducing the amount of fuel required to ship them to our facility, while also supporting surrounding communities.

Additionally, we work very closely with all of our material suppliers to ensure that they meet our standards for quality, safety, and community commitment.

The Delong Co., and Fisher, Inc. are two of our long term suppliers. We are proud to be partners with them for over 20 years and to feature them on our website.

The Delong Co., Inc.



Fischer, Inc.

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