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Wyandot is unique to the industry with six food scientist leading our product development,  suited to fill your Contract Snack Food Manufacturing needs. From ideation to launch, from production to shipping, your brand is in the hands of professionals with can-do attitudes. We drive your project with exceptional speed to market, integrating seamlessly with your supply chain. The members of our core team have the education and experience to partner with your internal resources.

We offer an “open book” approach to pricing, EDI order entry, bar coding, and JIT inventory practices. Our “menu approach” to projects ensures the best design for your unique requirements. We provide advanced quality systems, including SQF Level 3, and are committed to the continuous improvement process. Consistent product quality, on-time delivery, and speed to market, make Wyandot the ideal contract snack food manufacturing partner.

Our snack food manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Twin Screw Extrusion
  • Single Screw Extrusion
  • Candy Coated Popcorn
  • Tortilla Chips and Strips
  • Corn Chips

Product Development

Our development team of 6 food scientists boasts industry knowledge, project management skills, and the ability to communicate with your internal resources, with expertise that ensures quick and efficient realization of your product concepts:


Wyandot facilitates ideation sessions, analyzing current market trends, to help focus your product concept.


From the bench to small scale runs, Wyandot creates prototypes for use in consumer research to further optimize your concept.


Our internal panels accelerate prototype evaluation to help speed your project to market.


Wyandot’s packaging team advances your project by providing a full range of services including regulatory support, bag and carton sizing, graphic design, and shelf-life studies.

Commercialization and Beyond

After scale-up and launch, Wyandot continues to support your project with innovative ideas to maximize the brand's potential.