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I was extremely proud to join the Wyandot Team in November. And everything I was told and knew about Wyandot by industry reputation has been proven to be true…and then some!

Our company has always been known for its high standards of excellence, whether in manufacturing, customer service, or relationship management.  We have always had a culture which puts the Customer (and the Consumer) first, and which delivers a “Can Do” attitude to getting the job or task done right.  On top of this, Wyandot has never shied away from taking a risk, or making a shift or change in business, when opportunities presented themselves or when market conditions dictated a need for change.

So while the leadership team talks about “Wyandot 2.0” or the “New Wyandot”, we are fundamentally engaged in the same successful behaviors that got the company to its 80th Anniversary – namely running hard to secure and bring to market beneficial new business, serving our customers very well, and making course changes when needed (ideally ahead of the curve).

So with the great work done by the Strategic Planning Committee and staff on the floor, we have concluded that we will secure a profitable future for Wyandot through the increased pursuit of Better for You (BFY) snack business, working with larger companies with a keen focus on this fast growing part of our world, as well as newer entrants where Wyandot is more integrally involved in the brand, product launch, and upside potential.

With the 10 or so new Strategic Initiatives designed to improve our efficiency and delivery of best in class service to our customers, plus our increased focus on BFY, I am confident that we will enjoy greater levels of success as our journey unfolds.

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